A project funded by the CDC.  See more info about the government award at santacruztechbeat.com
Teach about risky behaviors that might lead to HIV using a mobile app. Create a user forum and discussion group to build a community.
Define grant proposal's requirements for learning. Collect demographic information about the targeted population. Discover user's mobile phone internet connectivity and capabilities.
Investigate capabilities of a mobile device such as audio/video, GPS, photos, public forums or chat, and speech recognition. Analyzed the curriculum and learning objectives for each chapter. Highlighted design questions: Are the chapters repeatable? Are the modules meant to be in sequence? Can the audience jump out of lessons and participate in group discussions? Define capabilities with programmers and discuss production limitations.
Build prototypes of specific modules such as profile display, group polling capabilities and data collection, video playback, audio voice-over examples, simulated relationship experiences, map locations of services, group forums and discussions.
Review with stakeholders such as SME's grant writers and project managers. At-risk groups are identified at public health facilities and paid participants are selected. Specific modules are tested and overall site navigation is rated.
Identified problems are solved and user requested features are refined by going back to step 4.
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