Bob Smolenski. Making game apps & websites. Designer, programmer, animator and illustrator for all things web/mobile. Available for freelance or development partnerships. Located in San Francisco.


Spyglass Theater
Developed a parallaxing desktop website and responsive mobile website for these Seattle-based puppeteers.
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Jenny Lin, piano
Showcasing audio from dozens of Jenny's albums. CSS and JS responsive web design for desktop, tablet or mobile platforms.
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Stapley Hildebrand
San Francisco package designers.
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Ionassi Potomassis, piano
Audio website showcasing music and performances from this talented pianist.
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Japanese Kindergarden eLearning
Multi-media animated quiz with audio of hiragana characters and words.
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Rita Marika Csapó-Sweet, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Theater, Dance, and Media Studies.Fellow at the Center for International Studies University of Missouri - St. Louis.
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Game Apps

Nihongo Undokai
Educational game for K-3 kids learning Japanese. Over 200 vocabulary and Hiragana characters. Play against your friend on shared Wifi P2P.
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SCUBA with Prof. Nautilus
Companion game app for Spyglass Theater's black-light puppet show. Available on iPhone and Android.
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Open Field Echo Sounder
Audio game app for the blind and visually impaired. Available on iPhone and Android. GPS game app.
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Finger Fencer
Peer-to-peer fencing game app for android or iOS. Fence against your friend P2P on a shared WiFi or single player against a computer opponent.
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Finger Kendo 剣 道
DRAG to block and TAP score Kendo game. Use the audio cues to counter the sword.
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Shake My Stuff
Mobile app that will quickly let you create a shopping list based upon what’s in your house. Developed with "Totally Unprepared" a California earthquake awareness program.

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Real Talk
Android and desktop app development. Elearning app for men's health and risks of HIV. Funded by the CDC and NIH.
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Logo design, illustration, graphic art and microsite development. Washington D.C based lobbying group Illustrating complex ideas about un-safe and dangerous medicine proliferation.
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